We believe that the best response to a crisis that threatens your firm’s reputation is not what you do after the crisis but a communication strategy that has built understanding, trust and goodwill for your company amongst the general public and specific audiences as well as journalists. As part of strategy development or audit, we work with clients to develop risk analysis frameworks and action plans for managing anticipated or unforeseen threats.  The goal is to quickly establish clarity and re-establish trust and position our clients in the best possible light.

A key part of this is identifying clearly roles a company’s executives will play in crisis management and training them how to best play these roles. Our media training also coaches executives on how to avoid creating controversies or crisis in their interactions with the media. We analyse video clips in which company executives, politicians, business leaders etc. have deployed good interview techniques as well as those in which interviewees fail to project effectively their viewpoints and/or created controversies for their organisations. Trainees will also be interviewed by experienced broadcasters in simulated studio environments. Recordings of these interviews are analysed to access how trainees have been able to employ their new media engagement skills to avoid “traps” and put across their stories