WNT Capitas is a strategic communications and investment risk consultancy. We craft and execute communications and public affairs strategies backed by robust research and risk analysis to assist our clients make the best commercial decisions to safeguard their reputation as well as enhance goodwill.

We analyze regulatory, commercial, governance, and reputational risks. We advise foreign investors on market entry into the oil and gas, power, financial services and manufacturing industries. WNT Capitas has the capacity to deliver risk analysis services in key West African markets, Equatorial Guinea and South Africa.

WNT Capitas offers strategic communications and risk advisory services to private and public organisations. We bring a variety of skills and experiences—media relations, government relations, stakeholder analysis and engagement, research and economic and political analysis—to bear on the assignments we handle for our diverse clientele. Our aim is to deliver seamless, high-quality services and advice that assist our clients make the best decisions that safeguard their reputation and enhance goodwill amongst various stakeholders. We deliver industry-leading work at competitive budgets.