An association of suppliers of a major agricultural produce

The Assignment:

Government relations on Ban on Importation

Foreigners dominate the $1.3 billion sector with only a handful of Nigerian major players. The Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development decided to impose severe quantitative restrictions that would have wiped out the investment of the major players. We commissioned (economic) research that found out that the ban would trigger astronomical price increases and harshly impact poor Nigerians because of the inadequacy and extremely high cost of domestic substitutes.

We briefed 23 journalists on global and Nigerian production dynamics of the product, using our own research (interviews, surveys of production and import quantities, prices in Nigeria, etc) and research from the World Bank and relevant international development agencies. We also strengthened the sectoral association by organising meetings and working with the major actors to secure the participation of the smaller Nigerian players.

What we achieved:

We secured 3 editorial opinions, 5 feature stories and 11 news stories which quoted our research and the opinion of subject experts we consulted in Tier-1 newspapers. The (revamped) association succeeded in securing a meeting with the Minister which led to the relaxation of the adverse policy measures.